A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Follow Rui, a shut-in college student whose cat just ran out of their apartment.  There's only one way to find her: ask people around town! It's not like you have a printer. Plus, you might make some friends along the way!

Cat's Game is a simple game about making friends, made during the Spring Semester of 2022. 

It's very likely that I will never finish this game, as it was initially a senior project for ART 474 (plus I have other games I want to finish). 

Regardless, thank you for playing!


Cat's Game 1.0 (Mac) 361 MB
Cat's Game 1.0 (Windows) 227 MB

Install instructions

Note to Mac Users:

As far as I know, Mac deployment of the game is a little bit shaky. You might need to reopen the game a few times in order to get the game to run.

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