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Any updates? :)

Hello! Any updates for the game will be on its devlog or on my tumblr. Thank you!

It's not downloading for some reason?? Can you please help?

Is there an error message like "sorry you can't download this" or is it just that nothing happens when you click the download button?

If nothing's happening, then google chrome thinks that it's a popup and will try to block it. If there's an error message, then please tell me what it says so I can see what's going on

It just doesn't download, how can I fix it??

Does clicking the download button do anything? As in, does it say the "thank you for downloading" message when nothing happened? Because the download button is a link to the mediafire download, it should open a new tab in mediafire. If that isn't happening when you click it, your web browser is most likely trying to block that, treating it as a pop-up.

If you can access mediafire but it won't download the file, there should be a "Repair your download" option on the page.

I'll provide the mediafire link in this reply so that you can copy and paste it into your web browser if it's just the pop-up stuff that's preventing you from downloading it:

Thank you!!!

i love the art! (squeals) omg im already attached to it ;-;


aaaa it makes me really happy that someone likes the game and the artttt

i hope that you'll get even more attached to it once the full game is released ohoho

wieee :3

Oh it looks so cool! Yet for some reason I can't download it..

Is there an error message that appears when you try to download it? Chrome will see it as a popup and probably try to block it, I'm guessing that's what happened. If you're using Chrome, something like "popup blocked" will show at the right side of the search bar. Click on it to change popup settings for the page so you can get to the mediafire download. I'm guessing that you would have to do the same if you were using another browser, but anyway...

If it's a different error message about downloading it, please tell me!

Hello! When full version could be expected? :)

Hello hello! There's no set date for completion yet, but I do hope to finish it within the next year or so. Thank you for your patience!

Please contact me when it would be finished - I'll be waiting for news :)