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"Long ago, about eleven years before a certain other story..."

In a small island nation known as the Mesec Kingdom, Prince Vestr's eighteenth birthday soon approaches. Coming of age means coming one step closer to his spot on the throne, but that is the least of his problems. Now that he is about to enter adulthood, his father and mother both push for him to marry Princess Lucetta of Rosaria, a person who he only sees as a friend from another country. As nice a girl she is, his interests lie elsewhere.

If only he were engaged to someone else, like her brother perhaps...

(This game is a prequel Mark of Lost Royalty, a game I made last year. While the two aren't strongly related plot-wise, I would suggest playing MOLR first.)


Vestr: The main character and the prince of the Mesec Kingdom. Flirtatious and lazy, he loves to tease people.

Ninoslav: Vestr's bodyguard, one of his favorite people to pick on. More often than not, he's grumpy about something. The most likely cause is the prince.

Lio: The Fifth King of Rosaria and Lucetta's older brother. A bit timid and soft-spoken, he tends to worry about things that most people would not.

Lucetta: Vestr's fiancee and the Princess of Rosaria. She's on friendly terms with Vestr, and doesn't seem to mind their arranged marriage. However, she seems to have something else on her mind...

Arlo: Lio and Lucetta's bodyguard and a young knight from Rosaria. He doesn't talk very much, but can be quite blunt.


Changeable Name for the MC

Word Count of 39,055

Routes for Ninoslav and Lio, determined by the first three choices in the prologue. In other words, the first three choices are the only things that dictate the plot.

Custom GUI

Image Gallery, 8 CGs in the demo and scene replay

Extras Page, which includes credits, developer's notes, etc.

Post Game Questions

Questions you don't have to answer, but I'd appreciate it if you did!

  1. Which character did you like the best and why?
  2. Have you played Lost Royalty before, and if so, which of the two games did you like better so far?
  3. Would you like to see a longer version of this game? Keep in mind, any extension to it might be two chapters at most!
  4. If there were to be an Ask Me Anything with me and/or the characters from this game/Lost Royalty, would you rather have it be through itch.io or through Tumblr?
  5. How could I make things more interactive for fans of this game and Lost Royalty (ex. Twitter, Discord, Tumblr, etc.)?  Would you like it to be more interactive?


If you would like to contact me about the game (errors, questions, etc.), please contact me here!

Tumblr: starishsky

Email: jinoshin.tumblr@gmail.com

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Published 24 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDating Sim, LGBT, Otome, renpy, Romance

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If it doesn't download right away, it's most likely because Chrome sees it as malicious and blocks it as a pop-up. Make sure you allow pop-ups from this site for the link to work.


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