A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"Beware the Witch of Ispahan Woods."

Long ago, perhaps much earlier than a certain story by the same author, rumors of a witch had spread in the village of Bergman. They say that she's a dangerous woman, one whose bright green eyes speak of deadly poison. As the villagers would tell you, this witch will curse all who dare enter her forest, causing grief and anguish to those unfortunate enough to meet her. 

Perhaps there is a reason for her hostility...

(This game takes place before  Mark of Lost Royalty and Vestr's Story,  some of my older VNs. They're not related plot-wise, but please enjoy them too.)


Keres: The main character and the so-called "witch."  Hostile and a bit callous towards humans, but not without reason.

Svel: The First Prince of Mesec. Arrogant and proud, and perhaps too raucous for his own good. The main love interest for the NaNoRenO version.

Reine: A villager from Bergman, and its only apothecary. She's a bit shy, but always eager to learn new techniques.

Adrastos: The King of Cepher, and the witch's younger brother. It feels like he's supposed to belong in a different game...

Rasuil: One of the villagers from Bergman and Reine's cousin. Tends to have a violent side.


Changeable Name for the MC

Word Count of 31,000

Custom GUI

Image Gallery of 5, 8 in the full version

Extras Page, which includes credits and developer's notes

Update History

Version 1.0: Revised Svel's route from the demo, added Reine's Chapter 1, changed the title name, small cosmetic updates

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel

Install instructions

If the file doesn't download right away, it's most likely because Chrome sees it as malicious and blocks it as a pop-up. Make sure you allow pop-ups from this site for the link to work.


Curse an Contract 1.0 322 MB


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Very good game, however I would have liked to see the diffirent characters interact more with each other instead of only with the MC. I liked the "correct choice marker" like the one in Cinderella Phenomenon. 

which color heart coordinates with which character?

(1 edit)

I think blue is svel but not sure about the other, is it reine?

yep! Blue is svel and green is reine who doesn’t have a whole route yet as I am writing it now 

Ooo, lovely!  I reviewed this in Part 4 of my Otome Jam videos!  Starts at 1:34.

I love the art!! This game is so visually rich, I’m amazed. The BG, sprites and the layout is truly gorgeous.

The main character is amazing. I love the balance between her strong attitude and the cute side. I was smiling all the time she and reine were together 🥺👌


hghehjhruhg thank you so much ;u;

i'm currently trying to write the rest of her route and comments like this lift me out of the slump lolol

The UI design is so pretty :D I was really surprised when I booted up the game at how gorgeous everything looks, haha. I definitely prefer Svel over Reine, so I got all those CGs first :3 Will go back and make sure to get everything when I have more time though!

Oh man, I just finished playing Burden the Witch, and now the official version is out? I can't believe my luck!!!


yep! I hope to finish the other route soon, so thank you for supporting me!

Oh, hey!  This looks like a beefed up version of Burden the Witch.

That's basically what this is! I wanted to release it under a new name and separate it from the demo, lol